18th IRF World Road Meeting

It is with great pleasure that I cordially invite you to the International Road Federation’s 18th World Road Meeting (WRM), to be held in Delhi, India on November 14th - 17th, 2017.

In view of the growing demand for road infrastructure, mobility, and the increasing importance of India as a market for road infrastructure and services, India is a befitting venue for this mega event.

The theme of the 18th WRM is "Safe Roads and Smart Mobility : The Engines of Economic Growth." WRM 2017 will bring together representatives of business, industry, governments, public sector organisations, mult-ilateral institutions, leaders and transport experts from the automotive, financial, road and transport infrastructure, and construction sectors; professionals, academics, consultants, infrastructure operators, contractors and manufacturers from across the world. The theme chosen for WRM – 2017 addresses Safe Roads, Smart Mobility and economic growth; cherished aspirations across the world. As urbanization gathers pace, there are demands for more road capacity, there is more traffic, congestion, pollution, traffic accidents and fatalities, all of which bear negatively affect our quality of life, and place a huge burden on the economy of countries. As the world’s population continues to grow, these challenge will increase in both magnitude and complexity. The WRM – 2017 will explore safe, sustainable, and smart solutions for addressing these and future challenges.

During the course of four days, the WRM – 2017 Conference will offer participants the opportunity to hear and take part in plenary sessions with high-level keynote addresses, expert parallel sessions on ten themes, sessions on future trends and much more. Concurrently, the WRM – 2017 Exhibition will offer manufacturers and suppliers of products, equipment, and services and opportunity to showcase their products and services for the construction, maintenance and operation of safe, sustainable and smart roads and mobility.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India has extended their full support to WRM – 2017. I am confident that with the support of the Government of India, the WRM 2017 will be a memorable event.

I urge all of you to attend and participate in the 'WRM 2017', the Conference and the Exhibition, and make it a successful event by. I look forward to welcoming you in Delhi on November 14, 2017.

Kiran K. Kapila

(Chairman,International Road Federation)