MUSKAAN : Foundation For Road Safety
In loving memory of DURVA BHASIN


MUSKAAN is a Jaipur based NGO committed to generating awareness and initiating positive action on road safety in the state of Rajasthan. Since its inception in 1999, MUSKAAN has been working relentlessly to build a culture of safety on roads through Education, Awareness, Training and Advocacy.


MUSKAAN runs a robust Road Safety Orientation Training program for drivers of commercail and private vehicles, executives of organizations, teachers and faculty members of educational institutions and the community at large. Read more..


MUSKAAN aims to create a dialogue with local communities, influence public policy and generate positive action towards road safety. Read more..

Campaigns & Community Initiatives

MUSKAAN regularly conducts events such as road safety carnivals, helmet/seat belt drives, community workshops, two-wheeler safe riding demonstrations, among others. Read more..

Education and Awareness

At the forefront of MUSKAAN's efforts to create a culture of road safety, is the belief that good road practices should be adopted from a very young age. Read more..